09 SepLearn More About Electronic Cigarettes and Other Smoking Alternatives

As of this time, more than 16 million Americans are trying to quit the habit of smoking every year. However, only 1.3 million individuals can stay smoke-free. In an article published on the Britain’s Daily Mail site last 2007, the chairman of an advisory group on tobacco named John Britton said that so much effort is given into getting smokers to completely quit and preventing new smokers to start smoking. For people who cannot quit, there are safer substitute products which can satisfy the nicotine addiction.

Electronic Cigarettes

An e-cigarette or electronic cigarette is a device powered by a small battery which looks like a real cigarette and gives off a dose of vaporized nicotine whenever a person inhales. These devices may be used to help individuals quit smoking or as an alternative to smoking products that give off second hand smoke. The great thing about these electronic cigarettes is that they can be used in specific places where smoking traditional cigarettes is not allowed.

According to Dr. Thomas Eissenberg, the electronic cigarette can deliver nicotine effectively similar to the regular tobacco cigarette. This is not necessarily a bad thing because a few studies have proven that individuals are not getting hooked on these devices. A survey which was conducted in the University of Alberta by Karyn Heavner discovered that more than 300 people who tried quitting cigarette smoking used these devices as an effective replacement to regular tobacco. Additionally, their senses of smell and taste, as well as their overall health, has improved significantly ever since they stopped using cigarettes and utilized these nicotine vapor equipment.


In Sweden, snus has been a popular oral and smokeless tobacco product which has been used for so many years. To utilize it, snus is placed under your lip and it will release low doses of nicotine into the blood. Snus may be available in small bags or loose powder form which can hold about one pinch of the moist and loose powder. “The Lancet” released a report last 2007 which states that snus has lesser hazards on health compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. For snus users, there is a lesser risk of developing mouth or lung cancer. Dr. Coral Gartner conducted a study which and found that the life expectancy for smokers who transferred to using snus was the same to the life expectancy of people who stopped using tobacco products.

Gum and Lozenges

Nicotine lozenges and gums, together with similar products used as nicotine replacement, work by providing small doses of nicotine into the blood. This helps individuals manage symptoms of withdrawal associated with quitting tobacco smoking, notes the MayoClinic.com. Lozenges and gums which are used to replace nicotine, do not have dangerous chemicals which are believed and known to be the cause of different kinds of cancer. However, nicotine replacement therapy also has its side effects. It can increase a person’s risk of getting diabetes. There is very little abuse potential for products which can help you stop smoking, and these include nicotine inhalers.

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